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WWDBooks E-Commerce Site Shutting Down

I will be shutting down my demonstration Drupal E-Commerce web site, This site was not getting any traffic. It has become an unnecessary expense. I will do my Search Engine Optimization research using my playwriting web site at  … Continue reading

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DeepSpeech on the Jetson Nano

DeepSpeech is an open source speech recognition engine developed by Mozilla. It uses machine learning to convert speech to text. Since it relies on TensorFlow and Nvidia’s CUDA it is a natural choice for the Jetson Nano which was designed … Continue reading

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The Year 2038 Problem

I have not written a technical blog post in a long time. Yesterday I learned about the Year 2038 Problem and I wrote some code to demonstrate the problem.  The Year 2038 Problem involves Unix time which is the number … Continue reading

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Jetson Nano Developer Kit

I recently bought my first single board computer, the Jetson Nano Developer Kit. This single board computer is intended for artificial intelligence development. It is sort of like a Raspberry Pi for AI. The main reason I bought this device … Continue reading

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The Painter 8 Wow! Book

At work I usually read a book during my lunch break after eating my packed lunch. I sometimes pick a book that I just want to finally get through. But often I read a technology book that will be seen … Continue reading

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YouTube Data Backup Tool Bug Fix

Today I fixed a bug in my YouTube Data Backup Tool. The problem was the view count for a video could be larger than the maximum size of an integer. The solution was to change the data type for the … Continue reading

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Creative Coding

I have almost finished reading “Processing for Visual Artists: How to Create Expressive Images and Interactive Art” by Andrew Glassner. And not a day goes by when I do not learn how to do something new in Processing.js. For example, … Continue reading

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Studying Artificial Intelligence

Since at least April 2017 I have been studying artificial intelligence. So far this has been an idle line of research since I have not found any practical use of artificial intelligence software, but it remains a fascinating subject. I’ve … Continue reading

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