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WWDBooks E-Commerce Site Shutting Down

I will be shutting down my demonstration Drupal E-Commerce web site, wwdbooks.com. This site was not getting any traffic. It has become an unnecessary expense. I will do my Search Engine Optimization research using my playwriting web site at http://robertsrobbins.com/.  … Continue reading

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Working On The Web Site

I have not written about my freelance work in a long time. Business has really dried up. I am down to just one client who is not giving me much work. While things are slow I have been working on … Continue reading

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New Drupal Services

I have not been blogging enough about my business. I have been blogging about my travels just to let clients know when I am unavailable. At least that is my justification for blogging about my trips. Recently I have been … Continue reading

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AJAX Demo Applications Removed

I have removed the following AJAX demo applications from the menus because changes in APIs have made them nonfunctional: Stickam, Technorati, Amazon, Yahoo! Video Search, YouTube Favorites. Some of these relied on web services that are no longer provided. My … Continue reading

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