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AJAX Demo Applications Removed

I have removed the following AJAX demo applications from the menus because changes in APIs have made them nonfunctional: Stickam, Technorati, Amazon, Yahoo! Video Search, YouTube Favorites. Some of these relied on web services that are no longer provided. My … Continue reading

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VBScript For JSON

Tonight I found an Active Server Pages script for generating JSON from databases that ASP can connect to using ADO. This may be useful for understanding how to translate data into JSON. It may also prove handy for creating JSON … Continue reading

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Twitter And Yahoo! Maps API

I’ve been reading the book “ Mashups” by Francis Shanahan. This book covers more than the Amazon API so it has proven to be very useful in introducing me to many other Web 2.0 APIs. Its example for using the … Continue reading

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AJAX And JSON Are Making JavaScript Very Popular

I’ve been doing a lot of work with JavaScript lately. JavaScript has become very popular due to the AJAX craze. Every Web 2.0 site has to do something impressive with AJAX so web developers are becoming more creative with JavaScript. … Continue reading

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