Working On The Web Site

I have not written about my freelance work in a long time. Business has really dried up. I am down to just one client who is not giving me much work. While things are slow I have been working on my web site. I deleted lots of old web pages and some folders which were no longer needed. This makes the web site less cluttered.

I also discovered that Yahoo! Pipes has been shut down. This broke most of my AJAX examples. I am currently working on fixing all the AJAX examples. I had to install a PHP script on my server to act as a simple proxy to solve the Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) issue.

I made some improvements to the YouTube Favorites Backup page. This page now sends me emails when it encounters an error. I was getting thousands of emails which indicates that this web page is really popular. I added some code to ensure users enter a valid playlist URL and I improved the error messages. I still have to work on the YouTube Subscriptions Backup page because the Google API changed and now it is much more difficult to get that information.

I am currently upgrading a complex Drupal 6 web site to Drupal 7. Drupal 6 has reached its end of life and security updates will no longer be released for that version. This has probably created a lot of work upgrading Drupal sites and I intend to cash in on that as soon as I have enough expertise.

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