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Turtle Graphics Spiral In C#

As another example of what you can do with graphics in C#, I decided to recreate a famous Turtle Graphics spiral design. I can’t find an official name for this classic design. I decided to call it Spiral of Circles. … Continue reading

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Converting A Processing Sketch To C#

I have invested a lot of time and effort into learning Processing. I mostly use the JavaScript version of Processing since I can then include working demos in my technology notes which are in the form of HTML files compiled … Continue reading

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The Painter 8 Wow! Book

At work I usually read a book during my lunch break after eating my packed lunch. I sometimes pick a book that I just want to finally get through. But often I read a technology book that will be seen … Continue reading

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A Day At The Museum Of Modern Art

I spent all day Saturday, November 22nd 2008, at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. I’ve been to MoMA once before on April 30th, 2005. I was just reviewing an old blog post about that trip. This … Continue reading

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The Improved YouTube Tag Cloud

I have made an improvement to my YouTube Tag Cloud page. While browsing some web design sites I came across a blog post about Beautiful Word Clouds which showed some images of fancy word clouds. They used a fancy font … Continue reading

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Animated GIFs And ActionScript

Last night I spent a lot more time on research and skill building! LOL. I picked up a tip that you can stop an animated GIF from animating in the browser by pressing the ESC key. So in order to … Continue reading

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Download Progress Bar and Flash + After Effects

Today I added a progress bar to my ASP.NET page for downloading YouTube videos. I’ll probably blog about this later at  I moved the code that does the file download to a web service. It makes more sense to … Continue reading

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Studying Vector Graphics Technology

Today I received the Adobe Illustrator CS Wow! book I ordered. I really like the Wow books because they demonstrate the real creative possibilities of graphics software instead of just serving as technical how to books. The Adobe Illustrator CS … Continue reading

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Getting Into Flash Animation And Flash Video

I’ve been focusing more on creative work as I’ve been planning to. I gathered together my books on Flash and ActionScript which I will finally get around to reading. I’m interested in Flash now because it can be used for … Continue reading

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Photoshop And VB.NET Window Services

Last night I learned how to create Layer Masks, Vector Masks, and Clipping Masks in Photoshop. I had to work through various tutorials and take some notes on everything that I had to figure out. For example, you cannot create … Continue reading

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