Williamsport Web Developer Finally Has Broadband

I have finally replaced my Verizon DSL service with Xfinity Performance Internet. I should have done this a long time ago. My download speed has gone from 0.73 megabytes per second to 18.2 megabytes per second and my upload speed has gone from 0.13 megabytes per second to 5.90 megabytes per second. This will make it easier to provide good service to my clients since I will be able to download back ups of web sites faster. DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) provides Internet over telephone lines. It is adequate for web browsing but not good enough to keep Windows 10 up-to-date. You cannot stream video or download any files in the gigabyte range over DSL. I was wasting a lot of time waiting for things to download.

I can now upload my photos to Flickr. And I was finally able to install Windows Updates on my HP laptop which is running Windows 10.

I have been doing a lot of experimenting with Internet of Things. One of my favorite IoT devices is the ESP8266 NodeMCU I connected to a OLED screen to keep an eye on the price of Dogecoin and the value of my amount. On Verizon DSL I discovered that this device would not get a signal if any other device was using my WiFi. But with Xfinity WiFi I can use my IoT devices while having a laptop connected to the Internet.

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