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Preparing For Berlin Trip

I am very busy preparing for my vacation in Berlin which is just a month away. Last month I intensified my study of German but this month I concentrated on improving my knowledge of the city. Google Street View is … Continue reading

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French / German Bilingual

I am still studying German. I have now read two books on the German language so I’m familiar with the grammar and I have a small vocabulary. I plan to go to Berlin for my vacation some time during April … Continue reading

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Ich lerne Deutsch

My next trip abroad will be to Berlin so I am studying German. It will be a long time until I can afford to do any more traveling so I have plenty of time to learn German. I have not … Continue reading

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Ich bin ein Berliner

Foreign travel is one of the best ways to keep life interesting. Everything about a foreign country can seem fresh and exciting even though it may bore the locals. And the United States is such an xenophobic country that we … Continue reading

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