YouTube Data API

Google has changed their YouTube Data API and broken my web pages; YouTube Favorites Back Up and YouTube Subscriptions Back Up. I did manage to rewrite the YouTube favorites back up. It actually backs up a playlist and it can only do one playlist at a time. Instead of entering your YouTube username, you have to enter your playlist id which can be found at the end of the playlist url, for example,

The YouTube Favorites Back Up spreadsheet will now only include the Video Url, Channel, Title, and Description because I can get less information about a video. Just getting the Channel name requires a separate data request for every item in the playlist. I also made a few improvements to my original code. I added some error handling so I get an email when there is an error. Google limits the number of records it will return per data request and I finally added some code to get the next page of results.

Backing up your list of YouTube subscriptions is proving to be more difficult. This requires an OAuth 2.0 token. I’ve made some progress using the Google API Client Library but the results are unexpected. I’m not getting the right number of records and the data does not exactly match the channel names I see for my subscriptions.

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