No Exit at The Pajama Factory

Last night I saw the Jean-Paul Sartre play “No Exit” at the Pajama Factory. The play was translated by Susan Guinter and directed by Tom Ryersbach, two local actors I have seen in numerous productions. I check the Pajama Factory’s Facebook page every now and then to see if there is some excuse to visit the place. The old factory is full of working artist studios but occasionally there is an event open to the public.

This play was produced by The Actors Group and according to their program, they have done many shows which I have missed. They seem to have excellent taste in plays. I would have liked to have seen many of those plays, especially The Pillowman by Martin McDonough. I have not seen a play since Philip Goes Forth in New York City.

I used to read books on existentialism back when I fancied myself an intellectual. I saw Jean-Paul Sartre’s grave in the Cimetière du Montparnasse when I was in Paris. That cemetery has the grave of Baudelaire too. So it was pretty cool to finally see one of Jean-Paul Sartre’s plays performed live. The Pajama Factory is a very creepy place at night so it was an excellent venue for this play which takes place in hell. Jean-Paul Sartre makes the point that hell is other people and their drama.

Next month I plan to resume my writing efforts. I have found it difficult to keep up my enthusiasm for the theater. I know various mental tricks to artificially heighten an obsession through fantasy, but it is difficult to maintain that.

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