Elgg 1.6 Threaded Blog Comments

Elgg 1.6 has been released and I’ve created a new version of my threaded comment system to work with the current version. You can download the latest plugin at http://community.elgg.org/pg/plugins/rsrobbins/read/242714/threaded-blog-comments-elgg-16. I made a few improvements while working on the new version. All of the JavaScript is now stored within the module to make installation easier. I also added some support for other languages. I created a compiled help file and a readme.txt file to document my work.

Amazon now requires web service requests to be authenticated. This has broken my Amazon Wish List widget for Elgg 1.5. I will have to completely rework that widget using a different method. My AJAX example on this web site is also broken. I won’t be able to create a purely JavaScript version because you have to perform some encryption to sign your request and JavaScript cannot handle that. I will have to make it dependent upon some server side code running on my web site.

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