My Professional Development

I have not been putting as much time into my professional development as I used to but I still make incremental advances. ASP.NET technology has outpaced me since I managed to catch up with ASP.NET 2.0. I have not learned anything about MVC and very little about Linq or Silverlight. Now that Silverlight 3.0 has been released and can be used with Microsoft Web Developer Express, I have begun to reacquaint myself with Silverlight.

I have been doing a lot more with Flash CS4 and ActionScript 3.0. I’ll probably be expanding my expertise with Flash because I recently used it in a project. That finally gives me an excuse to really master the technology. I’m reading the book Flash Hacks on my lunch breaks. I recently added a topic to my notes on SWFObject 2.2 which has been updated. It now comes with an AIR application to generate the code.

I also resumed work on my code for nested comments in Elgg blogs but this is going very slowly. I figured out how to create a RSS feed for the comments using a custom script. It could not be done using the REST API or a RSS view so this is somewhat non-standard. Now I need to order the comments for nested replies and then work on the final display of the nested comments.

I’ve been feeling uninspired because I don’t have any all consuming interest or passion at the moment. So instead of putting a lot of energy into any one thing I’ve been rotating between a multitude of previous interests which I put a little work into for incremental progress.

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