Rabbit Hole – A Very Bunny Play

On Sunday evening I saw the play Rabbit Hole by David Lindsay-Abaire at the Community Theatre League‘s Moyer Studio. This was the first play I saw this month. I shall see three plays this month after a long dry spell. This is one of the plays I have read. It is a serious drama, really heavy, and not all that bunny. There were not very many people in the audience so half the seats were empty. I really liked the set design which was very realistic. It included the kitchen for the classic “kitchen sink” drama and the living room. The television set was an old cathode ray tube display instead of a modern flat screen TV. The set design really made me feel like I was spying on people in their home. It would be a very typical middle class house so I felt this was the drama of everyday life as experienced by real people. The acting was pretty good with only some occasional excessive expression.

I was able to park in the parking garage across the street without getting a ticket or going through the toll gate. I guess there is free parking on Sundays.

The next play I shall see is Oleanna next Sunday in Lewisburg PA. Then on April 27th I am going on a bus trip to New York City where I will see The Plough and the Stars at the Irish Repertory Theatre. The Irish Repertory Theatre is now my favorite theater in New York City because I can trust them to make good artistic decisions. Every other theater seems to have become too morally prissy to do European plays with traditional casting.

My playwriting is kind of on hold but I did complete my forth full-length play this year to submit to the major playwriting competitions. My next play is going to be a completely new play on shamanism to replace my previous attempt. After that play is written I will concentrate on marketing since I will finally have enough literary property to implement my marketing strategy.

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