Jackery Mobile Battery Chargers

On my recent trip to New York City I tried the Jackery Mini, a portable device charger. When you have to spend four hours on a bus, you depend on your mobile devices to keep you entertained. I usually have my cell phone with me. It is capable of playing music stored on a SD card so I can use it in a pinch. But I rely more on my smartphone which also has a microSD card filled with MP3s. I can listen to music for hours on end since a lot of my music collection is stored on the microSD card. However, since I also store my travel notes on my smartphone I tend to have it turned on while I’m exploring the city. So occasionally I will run down the battery. A portable device charger ensures that this will not be a problem.

You don’t have any access to an electrical outlet on a bus and you don’t want to sit somewhere during your trip and wait an hour for your device to charge. On a day trip I don’t have a hotel room so I can’t charge my devices in my room. A portable device charger is very handy for these kinds of trips. The Jackery Mini is only half the size of the portable device charger I was using but it appears to be just as powerful. I was able to recharge my smartphone in just 40 minutes.

I also take my Amazon Kindle on my bus trips. All of these mobile devices use the same Micro USB Charging Port so I only need one cable.

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