Widescreen Monitor

Tonight I bought a HP w2207 Widescreen Flat-Panel TFT-LCD Monitor. I am really thrilled with it. It is as big as a TV set! I have it hooked up to my dual-monitor video card so now I have a dual monitor set up.

My old monitor is an IBM G70 17″ Color Monitor. It looks pretty small next to my new 22″ monitor. The color is going bad on it. I has blue horizontal streaks going across the screen. You can’t even buy CRT monitors any more. I did not see any in the stores.

The widescreen LCD monitor will be great for my After Effects work which is quite cramped on a small screen. You have to have your video composition window and the timeline window open at the same time which does not leave much room for your tools palette, the project window, and the effects window. I usually have to move windows around a lot to see what I’m doing.

I spend enough time at my computer to make it worthwhile to invest in better equipment. I also watch a lot of video sitting at my computer because I don’t have cable TV and rely on online video for my entertainment needs.

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