Bill Ville

After discovering the amusing French dialect Chiac, un langage anglo-français du Canada, I thought it would be funny to imagine how Williamsport would change if the city were ever conquered by the French. This should freak out the local xenophobes!

The obvious name for Billtown in French would be Bill Ville. It has a nice ring to it! The Williamsport Sun-Gazette would be renamed Le journal de Soleil. I made that a link to their web site to mess with their heads.

Bill Ville est une petite ville en Pennsylvanie, la principale ville de la région métropolitaine de Williamsport. Pennsylvania is spelled with an e at the end in French. Lycoming County becomes Comté de Lycoming.

Bill Ville has many neighborhoods; le NouvelleBaie arrondissement, le Vue de Jardin arrondissement, et le Rang de Millionnaire arrondissement. J’habite au Vue de Jardin arrondissement.

Bill Ville a deux collèges; École de Pennsylvanie de Technologie et École de Comté de Lycoming.

La Hiawatha est un bateau-mouche sur la Branche Ouest Fleuve de Susquehanna.

Little League Baseball would be replaced by soccer and becomes la petite équipe de football. And the James V. Brown Library changes its name to James V. Bibliothèque Marron.

The French WikiPedia site should update their article on Williamsport with this information.

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