Studying React

I have not been keeping my blog up to date with the technology I am studying. I am currently focused on Solidity and smart contracts. Client applications for Solidity contracts are usually written in React, a front-end web application framework. Since I was unfamiliar with React, I have been devoting considerable time to studying it. So far I have added several tutorials to my notes. But I have also read two books on React.

The first book was React Explained by Zac Gordon. The code in this book was a little out-of-date but I still managed to get everything working. The second half of the book featured a complete project and used a Firebase database. It covered the create, read, update, and delete operations on the data (i.e. CRUD).

The second book I read was even more out-of-date. Beginning Ethereum & Solidity With React by Greg LimĀ  was a real pain to get working but I eventually managed to get its React front-end client for an eBay smart contract working. I deployed this contract to the Rinkeby network.

I think I still need to read more books on React but I now understand the basics and I can get it working with smart contracts written in Solidity. Currently I am reading Mastering Blockchain Programming With Solidity by Jitendra Chittoda.

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