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Today I figured out how to add a custom property to one of the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit’s controls, the Calendar control. I added  a property so I could set its initial mode to years. You can read all about it on my ASP.NET Web Blog.

I stayed up really late tonight working on my iBook. I corrected a misconfiguration of my Apache httpd.conf file which was preventing my VirtualHosts from working. Then I upgraded PHP from version 4 to 5.2.4. After that I was able to install MediaWiki on my iBook. I also have Joomla installed. It is really shaping up as a web development workstation. I mostly use my iBook to run Stickam so it does not bog down my PC. However, I’m not just installing PHP web applications like I’ve done in the past. I’m really making some progress in mastering the language. Recently I’ve added PHP topics to my notes on classes, arrays, file handling, server variables, cookies, and libraries.

I have PHPMotion installed on my PC but it is not 100% ready. PHPMotion is a YouTube clone. However, it lacks many social networking features like video responses or comment responses.

I’m now down to just two clients which is a lot more comfortable work load for me. I really can’t handle too many projects at once. Just having two clients keeps the money coming in but allows me to spend more time on research and study. I have a huge list of technology I need to study. I’ll list everything I can think of now so I won’t forget; Silverlight, Visual Studio 2008, Internet Explorer 8, Flash Cartoons, ActionScript, CakePHP, After Effects, and Video.Show.

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