Best Of Nalts DVD

I recently bought the “Best Of Nalts DVD“. This DVD is a collection of short videos produced by one of the biggest comedic stars of YouTube, Kevin Nalty. Nalts is a marketing professional which should make him very unpopular on YouTube but his goofy videos and sense of humor manage to disarm any critics. He is also very active in the YouTube community and associates with many of the vloggers in my circle of e-friends.

One of the videos features Pipistrello. I met him on the YouCruise so it was neat to see him in a video I could watch on TV.

I’ve found it very useful to read Kevin Nalt’s WordPress blog at because he is very knowledgeable about online video. Whenever I register at a new video sharing site I always find that Nalts already has an account there. Recently I picked up some good tips from Nalts on how to improve the quality of my videos. I assumed that he used the best equipment so when he sold his camcorder on eBay I placed a bid on it. I did not win that auction but I found the exact same model, a Panasonic PV-GS120, and I’ve been pleased by how well it handles various lighting conditions. 

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