A Slightly Amusing Thing Happened On The Way To Forum

On Thursday I saw the musical “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” at the Community Theatre League in Williamsport. This play was particularly interesting for me because I am planning a trip to Italy and I’m currently doing research on Rome. Italy requires a lot of research because it is hard to pick just one city to represent the county. If you just visit Rome you will miss out on Venice, Florence, Milan, Naples, and Pompeii. I am also studying Italian but so far I can only read it a little. I may not be able to afford a trip to Italy next year but that will just give me more time to prepare.

Unfortunately, I did not enjoy “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum”. I didn’t like the songs except for “Comedy Tonight” which is a familiar song. I can’t fault the production. I just wasn’t in the mood. But during the play I daydreamed about ancient Rome and dreamed of vast temples and huge statues of pagan gods. In the musical, a slave schemes to gain his freedom. I have heard that the Republicans want to bring back slavery. Technically slavery was never completely outlawed since anyone who is incarcerated may be forced to work with little or no payment. The Republicans simply propose a work release program which will allow you to bring a convict into your home to work as a domestic. So you can have a maid or a gardener in shackles. They will probably be Hispanic rather than African American. Some local Republicans are so confident that slavery will be brought back that they are building slave quarters behind their mansions. Many slave quarters are being built on Grampain Boulevard but they are not visible from the street.

Next month is my week long trip to New Orleans. New Orleans should be fun on Halloween because it is the most supernatural city in America. There should be lots of freaks wearing costumes and partying like it was Mardi Gras. I’ve even heard that Anne Rice will be in town for a Halloween Ball but unfortunately I am unlikely to meet her unless she visits a bookstore. I will go shopping at all the bookstores.

My New Orleans trip will probably be the last of my traveling for this year. I need to concentrate on my finances and I don’t like to travel during the winter. I will also resume my playwriting after this trip. I’m tempted to write a few horror stories since horror writers are so celebrated.

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