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Apparently LaGarde filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2008 and Storefront has been acquired by Dydacomp. The Storefront forum has disappeared. This link http://forums.storefront.net/ does not go to the forums any longer. I used to do a lot of work customizing Storefront. I invested a lot of time in studying the code and figuring out how things worked. I even developed a few innovative ways to troubleshoot Storefront. It uses ASP.NET 1.1 so there were not as many options to aid you in debugging as you would have using ASP.NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005. You need to use Visual Studio 2003 to work on Storefront 6.0 and I still have that installed on my computer.

If you are still using StoreFront 6.0 for your shopping cart and find limited options for support or improvements, feel free to contact me.

I have the XE version of StoreFront 6.0 so I have all the source code and project files to customize a StoreFront 6.0 web in Visual Studio 2003. StoreFront 6.0 is a huge project which uses many specialized classes so customizing its functionality is a highly technical skill which requires considerable expertise.

NOTE: The XE version of StoreFront 6.0 is no longer available and there are many changes that cannot be made without it.


  1. Change required fields for Address Book
  2. Enable Credit Card Verification code without online processing
  3. Disable order tracking
  4. Add database table and Merchant Tool section for entering holidays
  5. Establish search results display order
  6. Establish product attribute display order
  7. Add Gift Message field in addition to Special Instructions
  8. Eliminate Thank You pop up
  9. Make Zip Code a required field
  10. Validate Zip Code
  11. Add Special Instructions or other fields to Email Confirmation messages
  12. Add Merchant Tool page to show customer record count, product record count, and subscriber record count. Surprisingly, this information is not provided by the datagrids the Merchant Tools uses to manage these records
  13. Apply fancy web design to StoreFront ASPX files without using the limited design options.
  14. Create new user controls for horizontal navigation.
  15. Display large images on search results using Lightbox 2.0
  16. Fix problem caused by USPS API change in International Shipping
  17. Fix problem caused by change in Freightquote API

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