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I specialize in the technical aspects of web development. Every web site is a combination of the artistic and technical. I am proficient in the technical side of web development which includes scripting, the database backend, and programming.

Programming has taught me to be very specific so you will find very specific information about my skills and experience on this web site. I don't like to be vague.

All of my projects are well documented to support future maintenance. Web development consumers should insist on documentation so their projects can be supported and advanced in the future. If you feel your present developer is being cryptic, refuses to share information, or gives you vague answers, then please consider the advantages of having me take over and document your project. I will share all the technical details with you.


My many projects have given me extensive experience in SQL Server, MySQL, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, and ASP.NET.

  • Web application development in ASP.NET.
  • Web application development in PHP
  • Database development with Microsoft's SQL Server
  • Database development with MySQL
  • Conversion of MySQL databases to SQL Server
  • Conversion of SQL Server databases to MySQL
  • Microsoft Help File technology including mobile platform
  • Documentation of existing applications
  • Creation of web services to give web applications access to unusual sources of data like Active Directory or legacy databases

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