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Cultural Consumers Vs Creators

There are two types of people in a culture, creators and consumers. Consuming cultural products is a passive activity. Creating cultural products is an active activity. The reader is a consumer and the writer is a creator. I have made … Continue reading

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Je peux lire un livre en français.

Two years ago I wrote a blog post about my desire to learn how to read French. Unfortunately, I put aside that project to learn German for my trip to Berlin. But over the past few months I have been … Continue reading

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Reading As Exploration

I like to read and to travel. Travel is more interesting when you’ve read about a place and then actually go there. Reading is a passive activity and can make you feel like you are missing out on life. But … Continue reading

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Reading French – J’apprends à lire le français

I have a lot of time on my hands so I’m learning French. My goal is to learn how to read French so I can read French books. I’m not studying pronunciation or developing listening skills. For now, I’m just … Continue reading

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Blog Improvements

Today I installed the Now Reading widget to my WordPress blog. This is just what I needed, a way to manage the information on what I’m currently reading. Unfortunately my life is so dull that I have nothing to report … Continue reading

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