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Implementing Matrix Multiplication Algorithms Discovered By DeepMind’s AlphaTensor

Last week there was a lot of excitement when DeepMind’s AlphaTensor discovered some new algorithms for doing matrix multiplication. Implementing these algorithms in Python should have been a trivial task but I could not find any source code. After a … Continue reading

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Computer Science Research

I have not written a blog post in a long time but that does not mean I have not been working on my computer science skills. Actually I have significantly advanced my programming skills. I just have not taken the … Continue reading

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Studying Artificial Intelligence

Since at least April 2017 I have been studying artificial intelligence. So far this has been an idle line of research since I have not found any practical use of artificial intelligence software, but it remains a fascinating subject. I’ve … Continue reading

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My First GitHub Repository

I have begun to do my research on San Francisco which will be the next major city I visit. San Francisco is a particularly interesting city because it is close to Silicon Valley. A large number of technology companies are … Continue reading

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