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Offline Database On iPhone Using SQLite

I like to take my iTouch with me on my trips to New York City so I can listen to music during the long bus trip. I also copy my compiled HTML notes on New York City to my iTouch … Continue reading

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iTouch Web Applications And Web Slices

I’ve been slacking off for the past two months due to travel but I’m finally getting back into gear. I recently added some material to my notes on creating web pages for the iTouch and iPhone. I have an iTouch … Continue reading

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PocketPC And iTouch

I recently bought some 2032 watch batteries for my PocketPC because I have not used it in months and lost all my programs. Fortunately I did not lose my MP3s because I store them on my Secure Digital card. I … Continue reading

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Plugging Along

I’ve been feeling pretty listless when it comes to programming and web development but I continue to make progress on various projects. I have not been learning much of anything lately. Instead I am focusing on a few projects. Elgg … Continue reading

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