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My Custom iPhone Travel Guides

I don’t remember ever blogging about the custom travel guides that I create for the cities I visit. I may have mentioned them in my blogs about my trips but I don’t think I’ve ever revealed the technical aspects. I … Continue reading

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Mobile Web Site Design – Scale Images

I continue to develop my expertise in designing web sites for mobile devices. I’ve been dissatisfied with the display of my travel notes on my iPod Touch. Wide images would force the page width to exceed the limited width of … Continue reading

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I Need A Cell Phone

I’m thinking about getting a cell phone. I don’t have a cell phone because nobody ever calls me. I really don’t need one. But now that I’m traveling more often it may come in handy in an emergency. I will … Continue reading

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Offline Database On iPhone Using SQLite

I like to take my iTouch with me on my trips to New York City so I can listen to music during the long bus trip. I also copy my compiled HTML notes on New York City to my iTouch … Continue reading

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Silhouette Theater – My Webcomic Project

I have started a personal project in order to see if I can make any money by producing content on the Internet. I’ve recently read a book, YouTube: Online Video and Participatory Culture, which got me to thinking about how … Continue reading

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iTouch Web Applications And Web Slices

I’ve been slacking off for the past two months due to travel but I’m finally getting back into gear. I recently added some material to my notes on creating web pages for the iTouch and iPhone. I have an iTouch … Continue reading

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