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My Professional Development

I have not been putting as much time into my professional development as I used to but I still make incremental advances. ASP.NET technology has outpaced me since I managed to catch up with ASP.NET 2.0. I have not learned … Continue reading

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What I’ve Been Adding To My Notes

As a busy web developer, I learn something new every day and I take the time to document what I learn in my notes. The following is a list of material I’ve recently added to my notes: A tagged regular … Continue reading

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Flash Cartoon Animation

Over the weekend I finished reading the book “Flash Cartoon Animation” by Kevin Peaty and Glen Kirkpatrick. Flash cartooning interests me because it could be an easy way to create original content for video sharing sites. A simple Flash cartoon … Continue reading

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Making Progress Learning Flash

I made excellent progress in learning Flash over the July 4th weekend. I added ten pages to my notes on Flash and ActionScript. I used to know a little about Flash back when I worked for Kolb Net Works but … Continue reading

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Animated GIFs And ActionScript

Last night I spent a lot more time on research and skill building! LOL. I picked up a tip that you can stop an animated GIF from animating in the browser by pressing the ESC key. So in order to … Continue reading

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Download Progress Bar and Flash + After Effects

Today I added a progress bar to my ASP.NET page for downloading YouTube videos. I’ll probably blog about this later at http://weblogs.asp.net/rrobbins/.  I moved the code that does the file download to a web service. It makes more sense to … Continue reading

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Studying Vector Graphics Technology

Today I received the Adobe Illustrator CS Wow! book I ordered. I really like the Wow books because they demonstrate the real creative possibilities of graphics software instead of just serving as technical how to books. The Adobe Illustrator CS … Continue reading

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Getting Into Flash Animation And Flash Video

I’ve been focusing more on creative work as I’ve been planning to. I gathered together my books on Flash and ActionScript which I will finally get around to reading. I’m interested in Flash now because it can be used for … Continue reading

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