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More Startup Progress

Today I began work on the web site for users to sign up for my service. I plan to use the built-in Membership system of an ASP.NET web application. Unfortunately I’ve never really used this and it has changed a … Continue reading

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How To Create A JSON Web Service In ASP.NET

ASP.NET makes it easy to create web services but they usually return XML. Like many web developers I now prefer JSON. This article and sample code will show you how to get your web service to return data in the … Continue reading

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Web Site Revamped

Tonight I revamped my web site. I have not updated my web site in a long time although I had a task on my To Do List to improve the wording. I have updated the content to reflect my current … Continue reading

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Book Review – ASP.NET 3.5 Social Networking

I recently finished reading the book ASP.NET 3.5 Social Networking by Andrew Siemer. I consider this book to be one of the more important books to read because I’m very interested in building social networking web sites and ASP.NET is … Continue reading

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ASP.NET 2.0 Culture – Web Site Internationalization

Last night I watched the movie Paris, Je T’Aime, a collection of short films set in various arrondissements. This is undoubtedly one of the best recent films to see before you travel to Paris. I especially liked the short film … Continue reading

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Back In Business

I got a replacement DSL modem from Verizon this evening so my broadband Internet access is restored. I was using my old USB modem and a free dial-up account from NetZero. NetZero is a good temporary back up option for … Continue reading

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Google Blog Search Pinging REST Client

My WordPress blog has not been showing up in the Google Blog Search so I decided to create a REST Client to ping it using their Google Blog Search Pinging Service API. I created that last week and ran it … Continue reading

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LiveVideo To Integrate Pageflakes

According to TechCrunch, LiveVideo will be integrating PageFlakes into their social networking platform. This is an interesting development because before LiveVideo came out with their new web site features I did a video on Web Parts. I also posted a … Continue reading

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