King Of Prussia Mall Trip

I wasn’t going to blog about this bus trip because it was just a trip to the mall. But I think it is worth a brief post. I was not impressed by the King of Prussia Mall. Although it may be huge and have hundred of stores, the actual selection of merchandise was rather limited. For example, there was not a single store with a decent stock of DVDs except for Borders. Even electronics were hard to find outside of Sears, Brookstone, Apple, and a Sony Lifestyle store. I cannot recommend going to the King of Prussia Mall unless you are looking for expensive clothing and fashion. The Christmas decorations were impressive with two massive Christmas trees.

I went to Borders twice because that was the only store with anything I might want. The whole trip was made worthwhile by just one purchase, a Job Search Philadelphia book published by Adams Media. This book lists many Philadelphia employers by industry. It should prove to be quite valuable if I lose my job because I would consider moving to Philadelphia if that happened. For some reason, this book cannot be found on the Internet, not even on the publisher’s web site. So it was worth the trip just to snag this book.

I also found a copy of Culture Shock Berlin which I have started to read right away. This book was written for people who are moving to Berlin, not tourists, but it still provides a wealth of information about the culture.

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