Elgg And Zen Cart

Pennsylvania still has not passed a budget so I continue to work on my web development skill set. Currently I plan to focus on Elgg and Zen Cart. Zen Cart is a new web application for me. I think it is being maintained more than OsCommerce so there are probably more web sites using that shopping cart. My web hosting company supports Zen Cart so I may eventually put up a demo store to sell my old technology books.

I have resumed my work on threaded comments for Elgg blogs. Yesterday I revised my comment RSS feed to sort the comments for a threaded discussion and then I created a test page to display the comments as a thread of nested comments, with replies appearing under the original comment. Now all I need to do is put everything together into its final form.

After I complete the threaded comments I will spend some more time exploring Elgg 1.5.

Now that I have a lot of free time, there are various other things I’m doing to keep busy. I will be making more YouTube videos after I figure out the best method of editing videos on my new system. I never got around to installing my synthesizer software or much video editing software. I have a lot of video from my traveling to use as raw footage.

I also plan to create some Vista Gadgets, write an AJAX page using the reddit API, and continue to study French and German. Yesterday I finally finished adding all the material from a book on essential French grammar to my notes so I’ve been exposed to every aspect of French grammar.

Now is not the time to relax or take a vacation because I fear the Pennsylvania state budget could impose severe budget cuts leaving my permanently laid off.

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