What I’ve Been Adding To My Notes

As a busy web developer, I learn something new every day and I take the time to document what I learn in my notes. The following is a list of material I’ve recently added to my notes:

  1. A tagged regular expression for the search and replace in Microsoft Expression Web. This is useful for preserving the inner text when you need to modify the surrounding tags. It has saved me a lot of time in my efforts to improve the CSS in my web pages.
  2. Access Data Projects – I had some trouble figuring out how to create an Access database linked to SQL Server in Microsoft Office 2007. There was no obvious way to create this kind of Access database. I documented this so I won’t struggle with that task again.
  3. Microsoft Agent – I like the Microsoft Character Animations used for the Office Assistant. I have downloaded many characters and developer tools for Microsoft Agent but I never took any notes on the subject so it took me awhile to get back up to speed when I wanted to play around with Microsoft Agent.
  4. Amazon URL Shortener and Amazon Associates Product Links. Amazon is practically an Internet institution so I have a topic in my Notes on some things I need to remember about their services.
  5. Microsoft Translator Widget – I’m studying French and German so I signed up for the Microsoft Translator Widget. I may want to business with the French and Germans in the future.
  6. ActionScript 3.0 – I’ve been doing a lot of work with Flash CS4 recently but none of my old Flash books cover ActionScript 3.0. I compiled in a PDF cheat sheet and some sample code.
  7. Animated PNGs – since Firefox 3.5 came out I’ve heard about animated PNGs so I added a topic to my notes on that. Unfortunately, there aren’t any graphic programs available to create animated PNGs yet.
  8. Linux Command Reference cheat sheet. I converted the PDF into a PNG using Adobe Illustrator and compiled it into my notes.
  9. iTouch Web Applications – this topic is mostly material from http://www.iphonewebdev.com with some additional information like the iPhone user agent string and a listing of iPhone fonts
  10. CSS Font-Face Rule -all the material I could gather concerning the new CSS @font-face rule that Firefox 3.5 supports
  11. Digg JSON – I used the Digg API to whip up a little Digg widget to run in my notes.
  12. Reddit and BookMooch widgets – just some external JavaScript I created topics for so I can find it easily

That is just material I’ve added in the last couple of weeks. I add something almost every day.

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