Philadelphia Memorial Day Weekend

I will be going to Philadelphia this Memorial Day weekend. I decided to go to Philadelphia now to take advantage of the three day weekend. The purpose of this trip is to become more familiar with the city and what it has to offer. Therefore I plan to visit as many tourist sites as possible in three days. On Saturday I may go to the Academy of Natural Sciences to see some dinosaur skeletons, have dinner at Caribou Café, and then see the play The Producers at the Walnut Street Theater. I already have my ticket for the play because I bought it online through TicketMaster.

On Sunday, I’m going to the Franklin Institute for their Star Trek exhibit. I’m not that into Star Trek but this is something special going on in Philadelphia while I’ll be there so I might as well take in the exhibit. I want to get a cheese stake at Geno’s Steaks, Pat’s King Of Stakes, or Jim’s Steaks that day. These are famous restaurants that celebrities have gone to and they are listed in my guide books as good places for authentic local cuisine. Of course, you can get Philly cheese steaks and hoagies here in Williamsport but it is not the same.

Monday is Memorial Day and many places will be closed so I may only go shopping at the Gallery at Market East. I might head home early on Monday or wait until the afternoon.

Even though I went to Paris last month, it will be good to get out in the beautiful summer weather and do something exciting and special. I have quickly grown tired of the same old routine.

Maybe next month I’ll go on a staycation here in Williamsport to save some money. There is not much for a tourist to do in Williamsport but I could go out to a restaurant that I’ve never eaten at and maybe do a little shopping downtown. I’ll have to use my imagination to feel like this is even mildly interesting.

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