Parisian Flâneur

It rained all day long Saturday and my feet were sore so I just made short trips from my hotel to shot video and photos. First I walked to the Champ De Mars and shot some video of the Eiffel Tower. Then I walked towards the Ecole Militaire and got some video of the statues there. From there I walked along the Avenue de Tourville to the Eglise Du Dome and the Place Vauban. Along the way I also took some video of the movie posters in a Spectacle advertising column (known as a Morris column) which was advertising the Coco Chanel film starring Audrey Tautou.

I had made that first walk without my umbrella so when I returned to my hotel I made sure to take that with me on my next walk. I headed towards the Seine from my hotel and walked along the Branly Quai and the Citroën Quai until I reached some rail lines which showed signs of urban blight. I shot a closeup of a sign warning about a risk of death due to something being electrified. I’ll have to translate it later but I recognized the word “Mort” and its meaning was clear. I also got some video of Palais Chaillot which is where our tour bus dropped us off to take photos of the Eiffel Tower. This is were the street demonstration was held. I think they have demonstrations there every day.

Pont Alexander III

For my third and final stroll I walked to the Place Des Invalides and headed down Avenue Du Mal Gallieni to cross the Pont Alexander III (the bridge used in the movie Angel-A). I only walked as far as the Grand Palais and then I went back to my hotel.

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