Jim Thorpe Trip 2023

I have not blogged about my trips in Pennsylvania because they have become routine and it would be redundant. But yesterday I made another day trip to Jim Thorpe PA. I spent several hours in the town and spent a lot of money so I thought I would record the details.

The first thing I did was have lunch at Molly Maguire’s Pub and Steakhouse. I just realized that I didn’t even have this restaurant in my notes, a major oversight. I ordered a cheeseburger with bacon, fries, and a Coke / Pepsi. The interior was very Irish with a bar and wooden booths. Since I am going to Dublin this year, I appreciated the Irish decor.

Molly Maguire's Pub

Molly Maguire’s Pub

After lunch I did a bit of shopping. First I went to Seller’s Books where I bought Wilde Salome: Plays in Production by Cambridge University Press. I am currently learning more about Oscar Wilde to prepare for my trip to Dublin. I also bought The Snow Leopard by Peter Matthiessen from the Travel section because I wanted to read something exotic. Then I went to Soundcheck Records where I bought a Rolling Stones CD, Tattoo You.  I think that is a classic rock LP. I don’t have any Rolling Stones CDs so I thought it was a safe bet to buy one. I then needed to use the restroom in the Visitor’s Center and walked all the way to my car to store my purchases.

Seller-s Books

Seller-s Books

After walking back to Broadway, I went into the Mauch Chunk 5 & 10. They had a lot of classic toys. I bought a jar of marbles. I thought it was a little expensive but I have not seen any marbles in years. Then I explored the Emporium of Curious Goods, a store which sells a lot of occult stuff. They had some impressive statuettes which tempted me but they were a little expensive. I settled for a small figurine of Medusa which was only $10.00

After walking a long way up Broadway I came across Black Diamond Gallery. I did not go inside, the artist Ron Chupp was selling prints outside the house. I bought a litho print of Josiah White Park, which is the name of the small park beside the train station. The print was $25.00. I don’t think it is a good likeness, but it is an authentic drawing. Even further up Broadway into West Broadway I found The Stabin Museum. I had visited this museum before. It features the work of a professional illustrator, Victor Stabin, and most of his art work is very impressive. There is also a cafe connected to the museum. I should try to eat there on my next trip. Anyway, I did buy a box of 20 postcards which was around $30. I did not know where to pay for it but I was directed to the bar of the cafe so I got to see the interior of the cafe. Once I got back downtown I stopped in at The Treasure Shop where I bought a bag of Taveners’ Wine Gums.

The Stabin Museum

The Stabin Museum

On the drive home I stopped in at Tom’s Kitchen on Route 93 in Conyngham PA. I always drive past this place on my way to Jim Thorpe so I decided to check them out. It is a large diner with a lavish interior. The booths were cream colored and gave the space a nice look. I had a fancy grilled cheese sandwich with fries. Once I got closer to home I stopped in at Books-A-Million where I bought a lavish illustrated hard cover book of the Divine Comedy since it was on sale, and a collection of Oscar Wilde’s plays and a copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray. I didn’t really need the collection of plays since I found my paperback edition but I did need the novel.

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