Back In Business

I got a replacement DSL modem from Verizon this evening so my broadband Internet access is restored. I was using my old USB modem and a free dial-up account from NetZero. NetZero is a good temporary back up option for your Internet access because you probably won’t need to use a long distance number and they give you 10 hours of free Internet access per month which is sufficient for checking email.

This was a serious matter for me because I work online. Over the weekend I worked on a project that I could run on my local web server. I got a lot of work done without the distraction of the Internet.

Today I spent a lot of time documenting how to use the ASP.NET Repeater control because I’ve been struggling too much with it. My notes on the data controls were not complete enough to help me with the things I was trying to do. I really need to organize my notes on ASP.NET. I have trouble finding what I’m looking for in them.

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