Drum Programming

I am currently studying drum programming. I’ve been reading the book “Drum Programming: A Complete Guide to Program and Think Like a Drummer” by Ray F. Badness.

Drum programming seems to be easiest part of digital music to master and this short book is giving me enough information to finally make some progress. It does not have any instructions on how to enter the patterns into Propellerhead Reason but I managed to figure that out. I was so pleased with the results I am getting that I even invested in an acoustic drum refill from Garage Drums. I really needed some clearly identified samples for a Hi-Hat Pedal and a 1/4 Open Hi-hat which I believe correspond to the drum tab symbols HF and SH but unfortunately none of my samples are labeled as such. I’ve had to assume that a Hi-hat labeled “fot” might be a Hi-Hat Pedal and a Hi-hat labeled “mid” might be a 1/4 Open Hi-hat. You can listen to Pattern 26 below:

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