Plugging Along

I’ve been feeling pretty listless when it comes to programming and web development but I continue to make progress on various projects. I have not been learning much of anything lately. Instead I am focusing on a few projects.

Elgg is beginning to look more promising for vlogging because I found a Kaltura Video Plugin. It eliminates the need to store the video files, convert the video, or stream the video. The file storage and bandwidth costs for running a video sharing site are a major concern so this makes the whole project more practical. I’m putting more time into studying Elgg and recently examined the database schema. I figured out how to retrieve blog posts using the Elgg entity objects. Now I am exploring its code used to present different views of the data in formats like; HTML, RSS, XML, and JSON. I copied and modified the RSS view to create an ATOM view.

I finally finished reading the “GarageBand for Dummies” book. Yesterday I spent some time adding material to my notes on GarageBand. I have ordered a book on drum programming to continue my study of Electronic Music. I don’t expect this to serve any real purpose but it helps to make me feel like I’m making progress in my creative pursuits.

The day before Christmas I installed some eBook software from Fictionwise onto my iTouch. Since my iTouch is such a lousy MP3 player I decided I may as well use it for something else. I then bought the eBook version of Caitlin R. Kiernan’s novel “Murder of Angels“. I already had the paperback version and the eBook cost just as much but now I can read the book on various devices.

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