Ohio Trip This Weekend

I’ll be doing some more traveling this weekend. This time I am going to Strongsville, OH to attend the North Coast Gathering II hosted by Zen Live Radio. Zen Live is one of the most popular radio programs on Stickam and Zen Archer vlogs on Vloggerheads. I’m not doing much for Vloggerheads now except for some web design work. I really cannot develop any new features without the ability to test something on a development site.

I’ve been slacking off on improving my web development skills except for web design. I recently learned more about customizing the Elgg Social Networking web application and I may study WordPress themes. Many professional web designers seem to focus a lot of their time on creating WordPress themes. There really isn’t much more I can learn about CSS so I may need to focus on Photoshop tutorials to improve my web design skills.

My trip this weekend will put my digital lifestyle on the road. I’m going to bring my iBook (Mac laptop), iTouch (iPod MP3 player), camcorder, and KORG Kaossilator (pocket synthesizer). That is a lot of gear but it should keep me from getting bored except while driving. I’ll be spending one night at a hotel where I should have Internet connectivity.

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