iPod Touch

I bought my very first iPod while on vacation and I’ve finally had  time to use it. It is an iPod Touch 8GB, Model #MA623LL/B. This must be the first generation iPod Touch because it lacks the external volume controls and built-in speaker of the second generation.

At first I was not very impressed by the iPod Touch compared to my DELL Axim Pocket PC. The Multi-Touch graphical user interface seems hard to use compared to a stylus and I did not like how it requires you to use iTunes. However, it does have some features that you gotta love. It is a Wi-Fi device and works with my wireless router so now I can access the Internet via a handheld device. I never could get my DELL Axim Pocket PC to work with my wireless connection. The iPod Touch includes a viewing client for YouTube and that is a major bonus for me because I’m heavily invested in the YouTube community. Now I can watch YouTube videos anywhere in the house without having to be sitting at my desk. Of course, I could do that with my iBook but it is still a fairly large device.

I don’t have many songs loaded onto it yet because I don’t use iTunes to play music on my PC. I’m not sure if you have to buy songs on the iTune store or if you can use any song on your PC. I’m sure it will make a nice MP3 player. Apparently the iPod Touch is very similar to the iPhone. It just doesn’t have access to a phone network or a built-in camera. However it can run iPhone applications.

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