Vacation Notice

I will be going on vacation soon. I will be gone from Saturday October 11th through Saturday October 18. I won’t have Internet access so I will be unable to check my email or attend to any emergencies.

I’m going on another cruise to the Caribbean; Nassau, St Thomas Island, and St. Maarten Island! I wouldn’t have booked another cruise this year if it were not for the fact that this is a special themed cruise. The cruise is being sponsored by my favorite music magazine and will feature live performances by three alternative rock bands. Originally one of my favorite rock stars was going to be a DJ on the cruise but he canceled and that was a big part of my justification for the expense. I’m sure it will still be an extra special vacation. I probably won’t be doing much traveling in the future now that the economy has tanked. There isn’t much interest in having any more vlogger gatherings.

Last night I watched the movie “French Postcards” on DVD. This movie was made in 1979 and serves as a classic 80s teenager flick. I don’t remember ever seeing it before so it was an undiscovered gem for me. It is a good movie to watch just before you do some traveling.

My cruise is on the Carnival ship, Glory, which is much bigger and more lavish than the old Celebration. I plan to shoot lots of video which I will post on my YouTube channel.

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