Pennsylvania Congressmen Who Supported The $700 Billion Bail Out

A lot of people are angry about the $700 billion dollar bail out of Wall Street banks for their bad mortgage debt, but how many of them are going to take any action? Congress frequently gets away with defying the will of the people because the public is too lazy to hold them accountable. Don’t just get mad, get even.

You can visit this web site: to find out if your representatives voted for the bail out. It looks like both Pennsylvania Senators voted in favor of the bail out; U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa and U.S. Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa. You’ll need to remember this when they come up for re-election. I’m going to vote against Bob Casey even though I probably voted for him. If you don’t like voting for a Republican or a Democrat then at least try to vote against these congressmen in the primaries. Lycoming County is represented in the House of Representatives by U.S. Congressman John Peterson (R-PA/5) and it looks like he voted for the $700 billion dollar bail too. I doubt that many local residents will vote him out of office, being too lazy to take note of how he voted and too loyal to the Republican party to vote against their candidate.

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