The Painter 8 Wow! Book

At work I usually read a book during my lunch break after eating my packed lunch. I sometimes pick a book that I just want to finally get through. But often I read a technology book that will be seen as vaguely work related. Currently I am reading The Painter 8 Wow! Book by Cher Threinen-Pendarvis. I bought this book way back in October 29, 2003 on Amazon but I never got around to reading it. I decided to finally read this book due to my new interest in creative coding.

Although I had a few notes on how to do things with Painter 8, I have been adding even more pages to my notes while reading this book. I have added topics on aligning shapes, the color set tools, blending colors with pastels, cloning and tracing, color masks, feathering, liquid ink, masks, and sketch contrast.

Painter 8 offers limited options for scripting although you can record your actions. Gimp seems to have better scripting options using Python so I will learn how to script drawings using Gimp. This will give me the ability to do creative coding using natural-media brushes, something that Processing still lacks.

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