YouTube Data Backup Tool Bug Fix

Today I fixed a bug in my YouTube Data Backup Tool. The problem was the view count for a video could be larger than the maximum size of an integer. The solution was to change the data type for the view count variable from integer to long. I also made this change to the like count and comment count. The current version of this program is

My YouTube Data Backup Tool is the only Windows application I have developed to sell. As a passive form of income it is only good for “beer money”, not that I drink beer. The problem with this form of passive income is that an application must be maintained. Any sort of paid work would pay better than working on this Windows application. I sell the YouTube Data Backup Tool for only $5.00 because it does not do anything except make back ups of your YouTube playlists. Eventually I will add more features.

I use Visual Studio 2013 for this project even though its Git support is buggy.
InstallShield Lite for Visual Studio 2017 is not supported for the Visual Studio Community Edition so I cannot migrate this project to Visual Studio 2017. I have a private GitHub repository for this project but I am distributing the software using Google Drive.

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