Walking Tours Of Philadelphia

I have finally finished reading the book I bought on tourist attractions in Philadelphia. I read this book to be prepared for my weekend vacation in Philadelphia. I will be spending Saturday and Sunday in Philadelphia in order to attend a huge YouTube gathering. So I won’t get any work done this weekend.

The YouTube gathering will probably be the largest event since the historic 777 gathering which I missed. I’m going to meet a lot of my online friends and major YouTube vloggers like; Nalts, battim, NutCheese, Reynaldo, Tom Guarriello, Pipistrello, VioletKitty411, Jill (aka xgogobeanx) and Michael Buckley. There may be a representative from YouTube there to give out coveted YouTube t-shirts and local media to record the event.

I’ve booked a hotel room for Saturday night. If there is nothing going on Sunday I’ll probably walk around the historic district and shoot some video. The book has given me all the information I need about tourist attractions within walking distance of Independence Park. I plan to visit The Bourse and maybe the National Constitution Center.

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