Equipment Changes And Future Plans

Today I got a little wireless mouse for my iBook. I prefer to use a mouse rather than the trackpad. The wireless mouse has a receiver that hooks up to the laptop through a USB port. I’m using my iBook right now for Stickam chat but I have not been using it for much else. I do have Photoshop and After Effects installed on it now. It does help me to be more productive to free my work computer from the burden of running Stickam.

I’m selling my old computer equipment on eBay. Today I mailed my old laptop and some sticks of memory. There are several watches on my vintage Mac system so I should be able to get rid of that too.

I’ve been busy doing client work so I have not done much research or development. I’ll probably be exploring the Seesmic API and experimenting with asynchronous web requests. I just finished reading Building A Web 2.0 Portal With ASP.NET 3.5 by Omar AL Zabir which has some interesting material on asynchronous web requests and many other clever tricks for scaling an ASP.NET web site. I’ve started to read Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects, Vol. 2: Advanced Techniques. The first chapter is on alpha channels. I found the material so technical that it gave me a headache just trying to follow the details. I really need to open the examples in After Effects and observe the behavior of alpha channels but that consumes a lot of my free time.

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