Custom Pageflake For YoTube Countdown Timer

It was pointed out to me that LiveVideo has already added a tab called LiveStart to show how Pageflakes will be integrated into LiveVideo. I don’t know if LiveVideo will open their platform to third-party developers the way Facebook has for applications, but I’ve finally created a custom pageflake. It took me most of the day but I’ve created a countdown timer for the YouTube gathering in Philadlephia.
YoTube Philadelphia Countdown Flake
If you have a Pageflakes account you can add this pageflake to a page by going to the developers page at and entering the web address to my page in the Test your flake textbox. The flake URL is Please note that this page will error if you try to open it directly in your browser. It will only work when used as a pageflake because it relies on their framework.

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