Pageflakes Mashed Up With LiveVideo

Pageflakes has already been mashed up with LiveVideo! You can get a preview of how their technology will be combined at: There are already some LiveVideo pageflakes available now so you can add LiveVideo Featured Videos to your existing Pageflake pages. I’ve added them to a page I had for other video sharing sites like YouTube and DailyMotion.

LiveVideo will probably become my favorite web site after they add pageflakes because I will be able to customize the site to combine my vlogging, blogging, and RSS feed interests. Currently LiveVideo is just a site that I visit when I’m bored with YouTube and Stickam. I’ll be interested in creating custom widgets for the site and I’ll probably expand my interaction with its vlogger community. I’m not sure if my YouTube friends will be very interested in it because they are really infatuated with YouTube and barely acknowledge the existence of the rest of the Internet.

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