LiveVideo To Integrate Pageflakes

According to TechCrunch, LiveVideo will be integrating PageFlakes into their social networking platform. This is an interesting development because before LiveVideo came out with their new web site features I did a video on Web Parts. I also posted a bulletin on the site about how Web Parts make it possible to create RSS feed mash ups. I even sent in a suggestion that LiveVideo use Web Parts technology to allow users to add RSS feeds to their profiles. PageFlakes was one of the mash up web sites I researched back when I was really excited about Web Parts.

PageFlakes and LiveVideo both use ASP.NET technology so integrating the sites won’t be too difficult. I imagine LiveVideo will use it to improve their current widget offerings which aren’t terribly interesting. In addition to RSS feeds, PageFlakes allows you to create other types of widgets including some that can display videos. I was thinking of creating a LiveVideo pageflake but I probably won’t have to now.

LiveVideo has already added text blogging to their vlogging platform making it the only video sharing site to combine blogging with vlogging. I use my LiveVideo blog to write about vlogging. I like how text blogs can be featured and rated just like videos. LiveVideo also added live streaming video to compete with sites like Stickam. This was immediately popular with vloggers because many of them already used Stickam and appreciated not having to go to a different web site. In fact, the live shows became so popular that posting videos has died off and created some concern that this aspect of the site has been harmed. I have noticed that posting bulletins as a form of communication has all but disappeared except for one user.

LiveVideo clearly aims to be the best social networking platform on the Internet. However, in spite of their superior technology they have been unable to attract YouTube vloggers and their audience in large numbers. They cannot compete with the existing community over there. LiveVideo appears to have employed many actresses to pose as real vloggers in order to attract an audience. I think that is extremely sleazy and I don’t appreciate using fake vloggers as bait. But I still use the site although in comes in third to YouTube and Stickam in my affections. Once the Pageflakes technology is integrated into the site it may dominate my interest because it will be fun to play around with a wealth of content mash up possibilities. Hopefully I’ll even be able to create my own custom widgets like countdown timers to vlogger gatherings.

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