Export YouTube Favorites To Excel

Tonight I uploaded a new web page to my web site that allows you to back up your YouTube Favorites to Excel:

You should back up your YouTube account information because you never know when they will delete your account without warning or explanation. If your account is suspended or deleted you will lose everything including your favorites and you may not be able to find your favorited videos again.

You will probably find that you have backed up fewer videos than are reported on YouTube. I think this is because many videos may have been removed and this is not reflected in their favorites count.

All my web application does is use the YouTube developer’s API to get the feed data. You could do the same yourself but it would be in a complicated XML format and not very readable. I think most people would rather have it in an Excel spreadsheet. If you do not have Microsoft Office then you can download Open Office for free.

This is just another idea for a “value added service” that I thought I’d implement. I’ll probably add pages to back up other things in your YouTube account and then think about other types of services.

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