YouCruise 2008 – Fun Day At Sea

On the second day of the YouCruise, the ship spent the day at sea heading towards Key West. I had breakfast at the Wheelhouse Bar on the Lido deck, aft. I met Max Smith there and we talked awhile until Onemon22 and his wife showed up. She remarked how you could tell the ship was rolling by the horizon of the sea which was moving above and below the guardrail. Since we did not set sail on time in order to wait for late passengers, I think we were going fast to make up for lost time. Later VioletKitty and LittlePandaExpress joined us for breakfast and Pipistrello and his friends stopped by.

After breakfast I attended a Ship & Port Information Talk in the Astoria Lounge about the excursions we could book at each port. When that was over I made my way to the Information desk and purchased tickets for excursions on Key West and Nassau. I had to provide my credit card information for my sail and sign card which I thought I did online.

There wasn’t much to do on this day at sea. I filmed the ship’s wake because nothing else was visible. I ate lunch alone in the Wheelhouse Bar on the Lido deck, aft. Then I listened to a few tunes and watched a few videos on my Pocket PC while sitting outside the Galax Z Dance Club on Bourbon Street. Bourbon Street was a deck that was supposed to look like Mardi Gras on the sea. It had a trolley car with fake rails, a photo gallery, the Rainbow Club Casino, The Bistro, the Endless Summer Lounge for the karaoke kraziness, the Galax Z Dance Club with some arcade games in the back, and the Islands In The Sky bar.

Dinner was supposed to be formal so I wore a jacket, tie, and dress shoes which I brought. Onemon22 had to rent a tuxedo and the others just tried to look well dressed. The dining room staff sang a song. I think it was an Italian song which did not impress Pipistrello. I sat next to VioletKitty and had two servings of lobster tail. After dinner we saw the Standing Room Only show which was a Broadway review of show tunes. This did not impress me because that is standard theater fare that I could find at home. After that I went on deck and filmed some footage at night. I think I filmed the wake of the ship and maybe the smoke stack. There wasn’t anything else to film or do. This was the most boring day. I saw a country and western band perform in the Islands In The Sky bar and then I attended the Late Night Comedy show of Tony Esposito at 12:00 AM in the Astoria  Lounge. After the show I bought one of his CDs and he autographed it for me.  There were three comedians and they all sold their comedy CDs after their show. I don’t know if this is something struggling comedians do. It seemed kind of cheesy to me. Like they don’t get paid enough for a gig and have to hawk their wares on cruise ships. They should promote themselves on YouTube.

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