Going On Vacation

I’m going on a real vacation! This Saturday, March 8th 2008 I will be flying to Florida to embark on the Carnival Cruise ship Celebration (pictured above). This is the YouCruise that was organized by Pipistrello for YouTube vloggers. I will get to meet some of the vloggers that I’ve been chatting with on Stickam; Violetkitty411,  Pipistrello, and LittlePandaExpress. I’m not sure who else will be there. It is a small gathering because the cruise was not promoted and many people can’t afford it. The ship will stop in Key West and Nassau Bahamas. I bought an used Panasonic PV-GS120 camcorder with 3CCD for the cruise in order to take better video. It can also take photos and store them on its Secure Digital card but I’m not too happy with the quality.

I’ve never been on a proper vacation. Usually I just stay at home and do housework or read. The only decent vacation I’ve ever arranged for myself was a three day stay in Philadelphia for the Philly Fringe Festival several years ago. I don’t really like traveling much because it is too stressful trying to make it someplace on time. I almost always get lost.

This will be a five day cruise so I will be gone for about a week. I was going to board my cat at a vet but I was told this would be traumatizing for the cat so I plan to leave out plenty of food and water. There will be no Internet access aboard the cruise ship so I will be unable to check my email or deal with any IT emergencies. Also be aware that when I return there will be a lot of mail, email, and tasks that piled up so I will be super busy over the weekend.

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